Post Construction & Commissioning is the process of testing the performance of equipment and systems to determine their capability to meet performance requirements as defined in the specifications prepared by the designer based on a detailed testing & commissioning plan which also will be followed by the submission of as-built drawings, operation manuals and spare part list.

Examples of the longer-term benefits that can be provided by IDC commissioning program are:


  • Reduction in energy consumption and operating costs over the life of a facility as a result of operations staff understanding the capabilities of the systems which are part of the facility, and the conditions under which they function most efficiently.

  • Extended service life of a facility resulting from the implementation of a well planned maintenance program.

  • A comfortable working environment that meets the original design intent under all operating conditions, thereby minimizing the potential for complaints from staff, or turnover of tenants.

  • Reduction in the potential for Owner liability in critical occupancies where the performance of building systems can have a negative impact on product quality, or on the health and safety of building occupants.